Musings of Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on a Sunday, which to most of the rest of the developed world means Dads get to kick back, relax, and enjoy a day to celebrate their contributions to the advancement of society...or at least to their handiness.  For me, however Sunday is usually one of the (if not THE) busiest days of the week, so there's not much time for me to soak in being a father, nor celebrate my Dad and Grandfather. 

Three years ago, I had the best Father's Day gift a dad could want in the birth of my daughter.  We celebrated her birthday last night and having to wish another person "Happy (anything)" hot on the heels of her celebration got a cold reception.  I think in her mind, it like I was trying to steal the giant limelight lollipop right out of her mouth.  Eventually, I did manage a well-coerced greeting out of both of my kids, and of course plenty of well wishes from other friends today, so no complaints from me.

Still I wanted to at least throw out a blog entry in celebration of the mega male role models in my life.  Five years into this adventure of fatherhood I'm becomming increasingly aware of what skilled and savvy father and grandfather I have as cheerleaders in the game.  As a big fan of alliteration, I picked three P's to talk about these amazing "Pops" (see what I did there?) 

Patience - Man do I have a long way to go to reach the patience level those two guys have shown me.  I'd like to think that as a kid I listened well and always did what I was asked to do, but I'm sure that I didn't.  I can honestly say, that I can only remember my dad and my grandfather yelling at me once each.  As part of a generation who's parents were still wide-open to be physical disciplinarians, this is a pretty amazing statistic.

Planning - Well okay there is a divergence a little here; my dad is a planning guy - set the goals and see them through.  My grandpa, well let's just say if there were a person that I accredit my tendendy to "build first and design later", it's him.  There's nothing wrong with either, in fact I liken myself a bit of a hybrid that can be stubbornly "stick to the game plan-ish" on some things and totally "go with the flow" at other times.

and  Personal Accountability - I can't nail down who the first person who ever said "A good craftsman never blames his tools", but my grandfather certainly exemplified it.  I can't think of a time he ever blamed anyone for how something he was on the hook for turned out.  As for my dad, well, let's just say the reason he only yelled at me once was the fact the most effective and for that matter last words I ever wanted to hear come out of his mouth were "I'm really dissapointed in the choices you made."  If there is one arena where as a parent I want to live up to the amazing standard that was set for me, it's to be able to make my kids as accountable for their own actions as my parents made me for mine. 

Happy Father's Day guys...can't wait to see you next week!