Baseball concepts in the studio

I had a wonderful session on Saturday with Gloria Viligone, talented harpist and vocalist who in addition to making wonderful music, makes a full time job out of distributing happiness and comfort.  Capturing a harp's vast, deep, and full-spectral sound is no easy task.  Our first session incorporated 4 mics, this time we took it up to 5.  In the studio, my main concern is always aural effects: how placing things can create sound reflection, absorption, etc.  The only visual concerns that usually arise are either "Can you see me?" or "Can you see your music?"  On Saturday though, I experienced a unique need that had an obvious baseball metaphor.

With 5 mics, there were two mic stands that were behind the harp from Gloria's playing viewpoint.  After a couple of passes that didn't take, Gloria told me she was having a hard time seeing some of the vertical strings with the mic stands directly in her line of sight.  It made me realize that what she needed was a "batter's eye", the solid colored backdrop stadiums have in center field to create contrast for the batter to see the ball easier.  So I moved the mics stands the best I could out of her line of sight, and then used a solid colored blanket on the floor to create the "harpist's eye".  After that we had much more success with no discernable audio difference, since the floor was not being used for any reflective quality.

New challenges that utilize the senses are always fun!