Pew Research Data

I am not one to get on my debating stump and talk about gun freedom / gun control.  However I was driving home the other night listening to the results of a Feburary study by the Pew Research Center focusing on opinions surrounding gun ownership and gun legislation.  I found some of the numbers to be fascinating!  Of course I would like to ask some of my own questions to verify the assumptions of these findings, but I'm intrigued mainly by 2 results.  One, why did people think at a 2-1 margin that the Tuscon shooting of January '11 and the Aurora shooting in July '12 were merely an "isolated act by a troubled individual" while the Newtown shooting in December was split almost 50-50 that it reflected "broader problems in society"?  Obviously in all cases, the assailant was a "troubled individual"...why is Newtown society's fault? 

And two, of American households that don't own a gun, 40% say they would be comfortable owning one, while 59% feel uncomfortable, and then the breakout of the reasons why.  Of those who don't feel comfortable in owning a gun, 39% are afraid of accidents, 22% generically feel "guns are dangerous" and 8% don't know how to use one.  I think all three of those categories fall under a general heading of "lack of education about guns".  In my opinion, a majority of "hot button" social issues would be less hot if people were more educated.  When you take the mystery out of something that really has no need to be mysterious, people can make common sense decisions. 

Again, I'm not the person to get on my soap box about gun control.  I'm far from an expert, but I find the reflection of society's opinion fascinating and think it's worth a read by everyone.