Working For Free - Part II

It's funny how quick your own thoughts interesct with real life.  I was discussing the concept of "work for free" with my wife this morning, and on a spur tangent, I remembered that my UND sweatshirt has a small tear in one of the seams.  (Yeah it was a violent spur tangent.)  Since I'm going to be heading to DU tomorrow night to see my alma mater on the ice, I wanted the tear sewn up.  Since Jenn runs Ellie Grace Crafts and there is always some project on the sewing machine, I asked if she could do the fix for me.

"Yeah I can do it, but the thread is going to be white."


"Because I'm working with white and pink today.  So take your pick, white or pink?  Or it could sit here for a couple of weeks waiting for green."

"If I paid you would it be green?"

"Sure if you paid me it would be green today."

And there it was.  In a short conversation within my own bedroom, "work" and "free" were defined.  I think that's what people have to understand about wanting something for free.  It's either going to be on the provider's schedule or on their terms.  The sewing wasn't really the work, the tear was so small it took about 18.4 seconds to fix, and that included the time to walk to the sewing machine.  The work part was that it would have disrupted her project flow and would have taken 20 times as long to change thread and then have to change back.   This is what really makes this stick - she loves me, a lot.  Still it was going to cost me to get my sweatshirt fixed the way I wanted.  

And for the record, she's so good, I had a hard time finding the repair even with the white thread.