According to the all-powerful internet, it was Stephen Hunt who coined the phrase "If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space."  Although since I'm not normally one to read British novelists, I would give credit to Nickelback for using it in their song "This Afternoon" for preceding it with the lyric "It's not the human walk it's the human race."  Why this quote anyway?  Well since you asked...

I've decided that I would like to share my space (as opposed to Myspace) at Blue Tower with a compatible and hopefully complimentary artist.  For those of you that have not seen the studio (and for those of you who have and just need a refresher), the large vacant suite that Blue Tower was built into is sectioned off into 4 rooms.  The tracking and engineering suites, of course, as well as a large entryway/meeting space and a large storage area.  The storage area is approximately 200 square feet (about 16 by 17) and like the rest of the space has no outside windows.  I need to get more electrical run into the room, but otherwise it's a good room with a very sturdy work bench already built in.  I've already keyed all three rooms with different locks, so I've been set to subdivide the space for some time.  Because all three rooms are accessed through the entryway/meeting room will be shared common space. 

As I've said, it would be great to find someone who is a complimentary business, perhaps a videographer or other media specialist.  Still mainly it would just need to be someone who could be quiet if need be, is not a slob, and is of a creative yet professional mindset.

I don't know 100% when I'll be ready for a new person, but hopefully by the end of March.  Will keep providing details as I know of them.