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Jen Korte and the Loss Project Notes

Jen and I just returned from Airshow Mastering, where we had our first listening session on the newly-finished »

Fear No Music

In-Ear Monitors: My New Indispensible Studio Tool

I've had my Shure in-ears for over a year now and really like them for day-to-day listening, and especially for travel.

Recording Kids

Kids are sometimes the most fun clients to have.  Besides being cute and unpredictable, they often are catalyzed by the studio to a new level of creativity.  I remember working with a 5-year old bac

RINO Recording

First of all I want to deeply thank Josh Rael, Tyler Bills, and Tiffany Caryne for making the live recording sessions of Saturday's open house a success.

Launching AudioMemories!

I'm psyched about our new line of services: AudioMemories!

Our vision for AudioMemories is to allow everyone to record - musical or not. Inspiration for these products come from many sources: our love for wedding slideshows, my own story telling via scrapbooks, Kyle recording his grandparents talking about Christmas traditions, my late grandparents, Kyle's mom recording a CD for Little B (our napless 5 month old son) reading books and singing lullabyes, and my deployments overseas. Remember learning in history class about how things were passed down from generation to generation to generation....through stories? Some days it seems we've traded in that art of story telling for all of this great technology. We believe everyone has a story to tell (or many) and we're excited to help record those. Video definitely has its place, but there's something to be said (excuse the pun) about sitting down and just listening. I love listening to the CD of Kyle's grandparents! The life in their voices that he's captured is priceless.... When I listen, it's like I'm right there with them.

Natural Reverb

As mentioned in a prior entry, working on Molly Cherington's new album has been pretty smooth due to artist talent and a whole lot of time spent preparing for recording.

On Pre-production & working with a producer

After the first couple days of recording with Molly Cherington, I am really glad we spent the amount of time on pre-production that we did.

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