Tell Your Story With AudioMemories

What do you get when you combine Kyle's mixing skills and love for recording with Jenn's scrapbooking skills and love for photography? A passion for helping people tell their stories.  



Remember all those stories your parents and grandparents have told you about "back when..."? AudioMemories are a great way to capture those stories for generations to come. Or perhaps you would like to record stories for your own children. Maybe you would like to send a CD letter to family and friends. Does your slideshow need that something extra special? Blue Tower will record your stories in your home or in our recording studio. Then we'll edit out the "ums" and pauses, arrange everything into tracks and mix in background music. When everything is finished, you'll get a professional CD of your stories to enjoy for years to come.


You provide the pictures and we'll put them into a slideshow with background music and narration (optional). For narration we will record you in your home or at the studio. The recording is then edited and put together with the slideshow onto one DVD that can be played in your computer or DVD player. These are great for graduations, weddings, and gifts.

Audio Scrapbooks

Capture your stories for future generations or simply to send an audio letter to a friend or family member that lives far away. Similar to scrapbooks, but without the book and without the pictures. We will record you in your home or at the studio talking about your memories or telling stories. The recording is then edited and background music is added. You get a CD with your stories for your listening pleasure. These make wonderful gifts for every member of your family.

Please contact or for information on creating a narrated slideshow or audioscrapbook.