The Blue Tower

In 2003, friends Kyle Rasmussen and John Nelson opened the doors on Matrix Digital Recording Studio in Grand Forks, ND. There they recorded a wide variety of musicians including classical, folk, blue grass, funk, rock, alternative, and hip hop. Matrix also specialized in writing and recording radio commercial jingles.

Kyle and John started to find their potential limited by market size and relocated the studio to sunny Colorado in 2005. Joining Matt Nelson, they set out with the vision to open a Denver recording studio for musicians operated by musicians. They chose an open studio space in the Blue Silo Studio Building and got started turning the blank canvas into a recording studio. Walls were built, floors installed, sound treatments created; and against an urban backdrop was given birth to the comfortable, modern, and highly unexpected space of Blue Tower Studio.


Since opening in Denver, Blue Tower Studio has provided both remote and in-studio recording services for several singer / songwriters, bands spanning the spectrum from metal to bluegrass, hip-hop artists, orchestral and choir productions, and more. Their recording experience includes production, post-production (editing / mixing / mastering), business, creative, management, sound design, recording engineering, audio-visual production and live sound.

In 2007, Kyle became the sole owner of Blue Tower Studio and has re-established Blue Tower Studio's #1 priority to be providing friendly, professional and excellent service to all clients. Blue Tower still provides expertise in all areas of recording and performance. But most of all, our team's commitment to our clients, along with our track record of producing and delivering projects in a timely manner proves time and time again to be one of Blue Tower Studio's greatest aspects.   Against a backdrop of Denver recording studios that only focus on cut-rate prices or push clients through as fast as possible, know that Blue Tower will be the one to help you find your voice and your sound.


Just as the evolution of Blue Tower is an interesting story, Kyle and his wife Jenn (who is an avid and prolific force of creativity) realized that a recording studio can be a great asset in helping everyone tell their own story.  Further inspired by the birth of their son, Blake and the death of Jenn's grandparents in 2008, Kyle and Jenn are now helping more than just musicians by empowering everyone to tell their stories through AudioMemories. These include wedding slideshows (with optional narration) and audio scrapbooks preserving stories for future generations.

Blue Tower Studio also works closely with other Denver businesses and non-profits to provide joint services to our clients.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to continually strive for the highest quality in audio recording and customer service. By working as a team with our clients, we will help them achieve superior sound, allowing them to be encouraged and empowered by the music or recording they have created.